About Us

P2E Crypto Media is an online educational platform with an interest in Blockchain technologies.

P2E Crypto Media as a company focuses on educating people on different angles of the blockchain ecosystem.

We all know that the blockchain is a big industry in which numerous companies with different technologies has being built from getting to know these companies and being educated on how they can make our lives better is what P2E Crypto Media was built for.

As an online education platform, we have the vision of educating millions of people about the different technologies we have on the blockchain ranging from Defi, Cryptocurrency, gamfi, Nfts, MetaVerse, socialfi, and other blockchain guides.

P2E Crypto Media is a sub-company under the umbrella of its parent company Digital mushroom.

P2E Crypto media educational platform is consisting of a blog, YouTube channel, medium publication, and an online academy for our premium courses.